· Assistant of direction in the Esgrafiado Mural in Tribute of Haroldo Conti, directed by Mauricio Rodriguez Valdéz. Work contracted by the direction of Polimodal Education of Chacabuco, Buenos Aires, 12 - 16 May 2006.

· Mural “Manger” of the joint mural “the life of Jesus”, directed by the Prof. Mauricio Rodriguez Valdéz, technique: esgrafiado. Basiliana School. Berisso, Province of Buenos Aires, December 2005.

Participation of the Group Mural TAPIS (Factory of Art I publish and Social Integration) Coordinated by the Lic. Muralist Cristina Terzaghi. (HTTP://

Joint accomplishment of the following murals:

· Mural “Agronomy”. Organized by the Center of students of the Faculty of Agronomía and Cs. Forest. Secretariat of Extension. UNLP. Esgrafiado technique. Faculty of Agronomy and Cs. Forest, La Plata, Province Buenos Aires, September 2004.

· Mural “the night of the Pencils” organized by H.I.J.O.S. Esgrafiado technique. Located in 7 street 58 and Building Public Works, La Plata, Province Buenos Aires, 16 September 2002.

· Mural in ceramic technique in Institute I.P.A.C. for diminished Visual, La Plata, Province Buenos Aires, December 2002.

Mural Las Plumas organized by Hombre Barro Fuego

Mural Azcuénaga organized by Hombre Barro Fuego

Collaboration for the accomplishment of Murals within the framework of the Interchange “student Scale ”. Chair of Plane in the Space. Institute National School of Beautiful Arts, IENBA. Montevideo, Uruguay.

· Mural located in Park Rocha, Montevideo, Uruguay 2003.

· Mural “Encounter D-venir young 2003” Organized by the Youthful Forum and the Office from Youth. Durazno, Uruguay, 22 and 23 November 2003.