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Formation Academic University
Obtained Title: Prof. in Plastic Arts. Orientation: Sculpture. Institution: Faculty of Fine arts (FBA) National University of La Plata (UNLP) La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Years: 2000 - 2005
Machon Greemberg for the educational formation of Latin American students in Israel. In dependence of the University David Iellin. Ministry of education of Israel. Obtained title: Teacher of Hebrew and culture. Jerusalém 1999.
Courses with Jewish Education:
Art Program Wujs Arad Israel 2007
Attendance to the 1st, 3 and 4 Encounter of Latin American Jews Educators organized by Beit ha mejanej haiehudí, Department of continuous formation and educational advice. Buenos Aires, 2001- 2002.
Training for madrijim Reshet Maaian (Editti) National Net of Centers of not formal Jewish education, Bahía Blanca 1997.
Arts Courses
Course “Art and New Technologies” dictated by the Lic. Natalia Matewecki, Organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires. August - September 2006.
Attendance to the Seminar artistic "Production in the University." Institute National School of Fine arts, University of the Republic Montevideo, Uruguay, 28 at April 30 2005.
Shop of Academic Writing. Dictated by the Prof. Mariela Alonso FBA. UNLP, La Plata, Buenos Aires, 2004.
Seminar shop of Ethnic Ceramic, Association Civil "Hombre Barro Fuego." Secretary of Extension. FBA. 200hs. La Plata, Buenos Aires, December 2004.
Attendance to the seminar of Resin Polyester. Prof. Pablo León, duration 2hs. Secretary of Extension. FBA. UNLP. La Plata, Buenos Aires, August 19 2004.
IIIº Days of Art and Science, experimental Archaeology, ethnic ceramic, sculpture and mural. Theoretical and practical studyes of seventy hours classes with final evaluation (Ministries of Culture and Education of Chubut, Expte. Nº12/04), organized by the Association Civil "Hombre Barro Fuego" and favored by the National University of La Plata (resolution nº 807/03), National University of The Patagonia San Juan Bosco (disposition / I Nº 051/02), for the Rural commune of The Feathers, The Municipal Institute of anthropological investigations of Chivilcoy (Bs. As.), the Scientific Department of Archaeology, the Laboratory of ceramic Analysis, Museum of Natural Sciences, and the UNLP. Coordinator: Victor Hugo Garay, Muralista: M.C. Terzaghi, Prof. C. G. Moreyra. Las Plumas, Chubut, January 2004.
Basic Rules to make molds for ceramic use Professor M. P.R. Moviglia, UNLP. La Plata, Buenos Aires, 2002.
Attendance to the course of Unsaturated Resin Polyester: Professor Pablo Enrique León. UNLP, La Plata, Buenos Aires, October 18 2002.
Colored pastas. UNLP., La Plata, Buenos Aires, Year 2002.
Attendance to the course of Acrylic resin autocurable professor Pablo E. León. UNLP. FBA, La Plata, Buenos Aires, 1 of July 2002.
Participation of the IV Biennial Seminar of Ceramic, 30 Hours class auspice of the municipality of Villa Gesell. Declared of educational and cultural interest for the school advice of Villa Gesell. Declared of cultural interest and favored by the secretary of Culture of the Nation. Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, 2, 3 and 4 of November of 2001.
Course of Vocational training of sixty Hours of duration of Practical in Dotted and Treatment of Foil in charge of the instructor E. O. Costa in the district of Berisso, Buenos Aires, 2001.
Course of Vitro fusion and Technical of the Glass teacher María Dougall with a duration of twenty hours clock. UNLP FBA Secretary of Extension. La Plata, Buenos Aires, November 2001.
Workshop I and II of Marketing and Sales. Foundation Cane. Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, February 2001.
Holding in archaeological excavations. Foundation "Karen Kaiemet Him Israel", Tel Yatir, desert of the Neguev, Israel 1999.
Seminar "The Human body in the art" by Emilse Mandolesi. Bernardino Rivadavia Association. Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, 1998.
Obtained scholarships:
Area Contemporary Art, Project "The Basilisco" Hazel grove in the mark of the Program of Documentation of Art of the Institute of History of the Argentinean and American Art, FBA-UNLP. June to Nov. 2005.
Program of Exchange Climbs Student, of the Association Universities Group Montevideo (AUGM). Program PIME. Subsidized by the Organization American States (OEA). University of Origin: National University La Plata.FBA University of Destination: University of the Republic of the Uruguay.Institute National School of Fine arts. (IENBA). Montevideo. Study area: Fine arts. To study in the Institute National School of Fine arts matters of my specialty. Fundamental shop Javier Alonso: Shop of Sculpture. August to November 2003.
Courses carried out in the mark of the exchange:
-Course of Permanent Education "The Pictorial Tradition in the Uruguay in front of the XXI Century"; Montevideo, October 7 at November 4 2003.
-Course of Permanent Education for Graduate: Seminar "Shop of Art and Action (I). Conceptualization and Project (II). Setting in scene." Institute National "School of Fine arts" University of the Republic. Montevideo 20 and 27 of October of 2003.
-Seminar "Pedagogy of the Art. The Artistic teaching in the Dictated University" for the Dr. Georges Laferriere (University of Quebec à Montreal) Institute National "School of Fine arts" University of the Republic. Montevideo 6 and 7 of August of 2003.
Exhibition collective “Transpire the t-shirt” organized by the Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping in benefit of the Hospital Penna. Bahía Blanca 2006.
Collective exhibition “Of flowers treats” in benefit of the patronage of the childhood, Museum of Contemporary Art Bahía Blanca, December. 2006.
Collective Exhibition with reason of the inauguration of the Cultural Center "En Blanco y negro", Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Julio 2006.
Participation with the exhibition "Loving" in the Biennial of art "Todas las Manos" Theater Ing. White, Ing. White, Buenos Aires, May 2006.
Individual exhibition, series "Conductoras of dreams" and "Loving." S.U.M. of the Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, February 2006.
Individual exhibition, series "Conductoras of dreams" and "Loving." Hall of the Theater Colon, Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, December 2005.
Individual exhibition, "Loving" Series Estudio2 Gallery of Art. La Plata, Buenos Aires, November 2005.
Collective exhibition of educational and graduate FBA U.N.L.P., Expo-university. cultural center: Passage Dardo Rocha, La Plata, Buenos Aires, of August - September 2005.
Individual exhibition, Series "Conductoras of Dreams" Court of exhibitions of the Official tribune of the Race track of La Plata, Buenos Aires. August -September 2005.
Individual exhibition, series "Conductoras of Dreams" Estudio2, Gallery of Art., La Plata, Buenos Aires, June -Julio 2005.
Exhibition on behalf of the series "Conductoras of Dreams" in the mark of the Artistic seminar "Production in the University". National School Institute of Fine Arts Montevideo, Uruguay, April 2005.
Individual exhibition of sculptures in resin polyester, Series "Conductoras of Dreams" Cultural Space The Terminal, La Plata, Buenos Aires, March 2005.
Exhibition shared Class "Legislation and Cultural" Politics, FBA. UNLP. La Plata, Buenos Aires, December 2004.
Assistant of direction in the Esgrafiado Mural in Tribute of Haroldo Conti, directed by M. R. Valdéz. Work contracted by the direction of Polimodal Education. Chacabuco, province Buenos Aires, May 2006.
Participation of the Group Mural TAPIS (Shop of Art Publishes and Social Integration) Coordinated for the Prof. Muralista Cristina Terzaghi. (http://www.terzaghimurales.com.ar /)
Combined Realization of the following murals:
-Mural "Agronomy." Organized by the Center of students of Agronomy and Cs. Forest. Secretary of Extension. UNLP. Technical esgrafiado. La Plata, Buenos Aires, September 2004.
-Mural "The night of the Pencils" organized by H.I.J.O.S. Technical esgrafiado. Building Public Works, La Plata, Buenos Aires, September 2002.
-Mural in ceramic technique in the Institute I.P.A.C. had diminished Visual, La Plata, Buenos Aires, December 2002.
Collaboration for the realization of Murals. Institute National School of Fine arts, IENBA. Montevideo, Uruguay.
-Mural located in Park Rodo, Montevideo, Uruguay 2003.
-Mural "Encounter to D-come young 2003" Organized for the Juvenile Forum and the Youth's Office. Durazno, Uruguay, November 2003.
Sculpture works:
Restoration and refund of a piece of the sculpture of the Legend of the foundation of Rome for the Italian Society of Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, May 2006.
Realization of the Sculpture "Recognition" that is part of the patrimony of the Italian Society of Mutual Aids, institution of very public that is the landlady of the Theater Colon. In charge by the Direction of Culture of Coronel Suarez Municipality and summoned in the Theater Colon of the City of Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, July 8 2006.