The Artist

Andrea Salman is a sculptor from Bahia Blanca, Argentina. She has a teaching degree in visual art from the National University of La Plata and has been exhibiting and teaching art in various frameworks over the last few years.
In 2000, Andrea begin her studies at the National University of La Plata for a BFA in plastic arts with an emphasis on sculpture. At the university she joined a group of mural artists (T.A.P.I.S.) under the supervision of Cristina Terzaghi. The mural-making employed a technique called “Esgrafiado,” which adds depth thriough the application of layers. Andrea was also responsible for a mural project under the artistic direction of Mauricio A. Rodríguez Valdéz.Andrea has done solo exhibits throughout Argentina, two of which were “Guided Dreams” and “Devotion.” Most of her works are made from polyester. In addition, Andrea took part in group exhibitions in artistic events, museums and theaters in Argentina, Uruguay and Israel. In 2006 Andrea was awarded the Nestor Francischelli cultural prize for her urban projects and beautification work in the municipality of Coronel Rosales.